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We are dedicated to helping you lead your and your clients’ organizations to greater results through people development with Everything DiSC.

Since 2008 our core business is to provide Everything DiSC solutions to professionals through training, accreditation, coaching and personalized service and support.

Learn about DiSC styles, methods and assessments, not personality color tests.  HR partners, consultants and coaches as well as leaders, sales managers and team members use DiSC as a catalyst for personal insights, stronger relationships and cultural transformations.

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4 dimensions, 12 regions, more detail

We’re about connecting with people, not talking about “color management”.  You don’t fit into a box.  Your profile is unique and you learn to stretch in the DiSC model.

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Everything DiSC nouvelle version
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Our DiSC training is interactive, thought-provoking and rewarding.  Discover the power of we.  Get certified as a DiSC practitioner.

Adapted to You

Are you are looking to deliver Everything DiSC to your clients, or to bring the power of Everything DiSC to your organization? As a coach, consultant, HR professional or trainer, you can master DiSC tools, method and model in our TTT sessions. You’ll be DiSC accredited so your talent using these psychometric tools will be recognized.

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To guarantee optimal quality and individual learning, we limit our sessions to 10 participants. According to your current DiSC knowledge, you may opt for 1 or 2 days of training. We run most of our open training sessions in Paris; we also schedule courses in Marne la Vallée, Marseille and Bordeaux.

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Why Discernys ?

We are the experts in France. We have been the authorized Everything DiSC partner in France for over 11 years. We know the more about the assessments and the DiSC model because we have more experience, both in delivering DiSC facilitation in corporate settings and in supporting our peers in developing their expertise.

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Susan and Simon, Everything DiSC Master-Trainers for over 11 years, highly experienced facilitators. They are your guides to acquiring top skills in Everything DiSC : profile debriefing, facilitation, coaching and presenting. They incite wide-ranging learning experiences and inspire delegates while sharing DiSC best-practices.

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Welcome to the 3rd generation génération of Everything DiSC

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Profils Everything DiSC

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More powerful, more dynamic facilitation with Everything DiSC kits.

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Kit Everything DiSC

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Manage teams better.
Improve performance and increase productivity.
Experienced consultants, adapted training, measurable results.

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[boc_heading alignment=”center”]EPIC[/boc_heading]

Your private and secure account to send and administer DiSC report.

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[boc_heading alignment=”center”]Individual support[/boc_heading]

Our team accompagnies you through all the steps of your DiSC certification.

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