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Qualify as a DiSC Trainer

By taking our DiSC® certification you’ll have everything you need to facilitate Everything DiSC solutions and tools with subtlety and proficiency in your professional activities.

Integrate DiSC® profiling into your existing training programs or deliver one of the customisable, pre-designed DiSC®-based courses with an Everything DiSC® training facilitation kits.

Our DiSC assessment gives you the means to optimize your client’s communication and management skills. It’s timesaving, intuitive and definitive. Our master-trainers demonstrate how you can use DiSC tools to develop emotional intelligence skills and adaptability with pedagogic talent.

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Who is this DiSC assessment and training for?

Education specialists, Consultants and Trainers

  • Take participants through the DiSC® model and their individual profiles as part of DiSC®-based coaching and training sessions.
  • Teach them to recognize the strengths and ‘overuses’ of DiSC® behavioral styles and their different responses to conflict situations.
  • Design effective training based on innovative methodologies and supports.
  • Develop and bring alive high quality DiSC® training programs in management, communication, sales and conflict management.
  • Facilitate and present in an engaging style that adds value to your events about leadership, sales, negotiation, communication, team building, customer relations, and trainer training.

DiSC® reports provide the basis for a complete training system especially when combined with a DiSC application training kit.

Coaches, Mediators and people development specialists

  • Give effective coaching feedback sessions using DiSC® profiles.
  • Stimulate insights on behavior and potential.Implement methodologies for adapting to situations and individuals.
  • Facilitate change and improve performance.

Use DiSC tools specifically aligned to your missions and objectives.

HR Business Partners and Professionals

Coach leaders and managers effectively using DiSC® profiles:

  • Facilitate career development and job transitions.
  • Attract, recruit and retain the best talents.Accompany in-company integration, job transmission and transfers.
  • Resolve a range of organizational and people issues more effectively.

Describe how the DiSC® model and its many applications workas a problem-solving tool.

Discuss the principles of DiSC® theory and research.

Skills Assessment with DiSC

The DiSC profile helps clarify motivations, values and priorities. The desired changes become intuitively accessible.

Optimize leadership skills

Develop self-awareness

Improve management skills

Increase sales performance

Raise awareness of the needs of others

Promote active, comprehensive listening

Make communication more fluid, constructive and productive

Our Open DiSC Certification Training Venues:

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DiSC certification

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What people are saying about our training

1-Day DiSC Certification

This certification day is designed for coaches, consultants and experienced trainers who are familiar with psychometric tools and who want to attain DiSC trainer certification.
By participating in this one-day DiSC® training you will:



  • Understand the history and theory of DiSC®.
  • Be able to confidently present the DiSC® model to individuals and groups.
  • Know and understand your own DiSC® style and know how to read others competently.
  • Be able to give high quality coaching feedback sessions to others using the Everything DiSC® profiles.

Have your own EPIC account. EPIC is an online platform that gives you a simple way to issue access codes and see when people have completed their profiles. You can also add your company logo and company details to the splash page and all DiSC® profile reports.

Be able to access the full range of Wiley Everything DiSC® profiles to enhance you training, coaching and consulting in leadership, management, sales, team development, conflict resolution, recruitment and mediation.

2-Day DiSC Training

These 2 days of training are for coaches, consultants and trainers with little knowledge of DiSC or other psychometric instruments as well as those looking to deepen their understanding.
By participating in this two-day DiSC® training you will have all the benefits of 1-day plus:


  • Feel confident that you have the understanding and practical skills to deliver effective DiSC® training and coaching.
  • Give effective coaching feedback sessions using DiSC® profiles having had feedback practice using your own Everything DiSC® Workplace profile.
  • Distinguish between the Everything DiSC® profiles and applications and describe how profiles are structured as well as being able to know which profile to use in which situation.
  • Anchor the fundamentals and learn deeper characteristics of the DiSC model
  • Integrate the highest quality research-based DiSC® profiles into your professional activity
  • Have complete control over the administration of DiSC® profiles

After your training, you have 1 :1 telephone sessions with us to take your through:  Your EPIC account.  ‘EPIC’ is the online system that enables you to deliver, manage and store DiSC® profiles

‘MyeverythingDisc.com’ for use with your participants. MyeverythingDisc.com is an online application that you can give to each of your participants that includes their own profiles and information about their DiSC® style, including podcasts. It also gives them the opportunity to invite people who have an Everything DiSC® profile to do a free comparison report with them. They can also create the follow up ‘sales interaction maps.

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Get professional advice you on educational solutions.

Stay up to date on the latest advances in psychometrics and learning and development.

Adapt Everything DiSC tools to your training.

Share experiences with your peers.

Trust your DiSC partner to accompany you in your business development.



Suite aux mesures prises par le gouvernement, toutes nos Certifications DiSC en présentiel seront remplacées par des formations en ligne.

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