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Susan Cortese and Simon Elliott Have been helping people achieve their desired results for over 20 years. As corporate trainers and consultants they’ve facilitated learning and teambuilding events for teams and companies of all sizes and cultures. They realized that delegates had deeper insights and outcomes were more spectacular whenever DiSC tools were incorporated in their missions. Passionate about the power of DiSC as a change catalyst. In 2008 they founded Discernys to share this power with other change agents.

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Coaches, corporate trainers, consultants, HR professionals on DiSC methodology and tools, 1 or 2-day courses depending on current skills. We share our vast experience and knowledge; we pass on a multitude of tools; we coach you for success.

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Our workshops and seminars on Leadership, Management, Customer Relations and Teambuilding are deployed in multinational and small businesses alike. Each mission is customized according to the company’s specific objectives and contexts.

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Our open DiSC accreditation courses are held in Paris and other cities around France. Our customized workshops are delivered internationally in English and in French.

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Managing Director



  • Certified DiSC Master-Trainer,
  • Corporate Consultant, NLP Master Practitioner,
  • Certified Coach, Certified Havening Techniques Trainer and Practitioner,
  • Professional Public Speaker.

Expert in Communication and Business Leader since 1996, Susan develops training projects according to the expectations and needs of clients from all horizons. Susan, a graduate in communications (USA), incorporates Everything DiSC solutions to encourage the optimization of talent in business. She designs and implements educational programs in management, leadership, assertiveness, creativity and team cohesion. Her confident, optimistic and dynamic facilitation has enthused all types of multicultural audiences.


Associate Director



  • Certified DiSC Master Trainer,
  • Consultant, Professional Public Speaker,
  • Certified Coach,
  • HEC Negotiation Program Director,
  • Associate Professor EDHEC Executive,
  • Master Trainer of WorldWork International Profiler.

Masters in Psychology and Philosophy (GB), Simon works in Intercultural Environments and is recognized for his programs in Intercultural Leadership and commercial negotiation.  He has amazing stories and fabulous insight acquired during his various missions abroad to optimize team cohesion.

Valérie AMÉ

Office Manager



Valérie responds proactively to all incoming requests and questions, as she rapidly identifies and analyzes them. Her organizational skills combined with her enthusiastic nature, make it a pleasure for prospective DiSC users, clients and colleagues to collaborate with her. Valerie is in charge of DISCERNYS office management.  Are you DiSC certified? Valérie will accompany you in using your Epic account.

Jonathan MOREAU

Digital Marketing Manager



Jonathan promotes our mission and services on line with his creativity and ability to connect with people. He helps shape our image, by using appropriate methods to communicate to our public. His responsibilities include identifying opportunities and developing our news to be communicated via social media, websites, newsletters and press releases.  Contact Jonathan if you’d like to share your DiSC success story with the Discernys family.

We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional support and service.